About Us

Our focus is on computerized biomedical research instruments that allow changes in skin structure and function to be monitored non-invasively. We are the American distributor for the full line of biomedical research instruments manufactured by Cortex Technology and work closely with other leading manufacturers such as Diastron, CuDerm, SciBase, IBS, etc. We have considerable expertise in biophysical measurements of the skin and can also custom design systems for special needs.

Although cyberDERM, inc. was formally incorporated in 1997, our group has nearly 30 years experience in working in close concert with numerous cosmetic and pharmaceutical firms and government regulatory agencies to develop methods for assessing the safety and efficacy of a wide variety of skin products. Indeed, many of the instrumental testing procedures that are currently being employed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of cosmetics and topically applied drugs were first developed while Dr. Grove was with Dr. Albert Kligman at Duhring Labs and IVY Laboratories from the mid 1970′s to the mid 1980′s. Dr. Grove was also a co-founder of K.G.L.'s Skin Study Center and was their Vice President of R&D for 20 years.


Mary Jo Grove, President

As President, Mary Jo is responsible for providing leadership to position the company, developing a strategic plan to advance the company’s mission and objectives and promoting revenue, profitability and growth as an organization. Mary Jo also oversees company operations to … Continue

Gary Lee Grove, V.P. of Research and Development / C.T.O.

As Vice President of Research and Development and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Grove functions as the principal investigator and is responsible for protecting the rights and welfare of panelists, ensuring adherence to protocol requirements,  and assuring the integrity of data … Continue

Charles Zerweck, Director of Clinical Studies

As Director of Clinical Studies, Dr. Zerweck functions as the co-investigator or director of sponsored projects.  Along with the principal investigator, he has primary authority over the conduct of a project including protocol development and adherence, human subjects protection, personnel … Continue

Danielle Fendrick, Vice President of Operations

As Vice President of Operations, Danielle is responsible for overseeing and supervising the staff that carry out clinical studies and ensuring that the company’s everyday activities run smoothly.  Danielle is also the primary liaison between sponsors and our scientific staff. … Continue

Patricia Alfano, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Manager

As the Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Manager, Trish is responsible for ensuring quality systems, procedures, and documentation are in compliance with applicable US and international standards and regulations.  Trish reviews and provides input for both the Research Proposals and … Continue

Jonn Damia, Technical Support Specialist

As cyberDERM’s Technical Support Specialist, Jonn provides technical support for our custom made software and hardware. Jonn also functions as an in-house designer/fabricator, instrument technician and research scientist. While a full time employee at cyberDERM, Jonn obtained his associates degree … Continue

Tim Houser, Senior Research Scientist

As cyberDERM’s Instrument Team Leader, Tim is responsible for assisting in the overall performance of clinical research trials with regards to instrumentation.  He is proficient in the use of all of our clinical instrumentation and is responsible for ensuring that … Continue

Jen Damia, Treatment Team Leader

As cyberDERM’s Treatment Team Leader Jen is responsible for product inventory, labeling, coding according to randomization, storage, distribution, accountability and disposal (return or destruction).  She ensures that all study products are prepared and used appropriately according to the protocol. Before … Continue

Lee Wildman, Software Developer

As a member of cyberDERM’s technical department Lee has knowledge of the Visual Basic .NET, PBasic, and C++ programming languages. Lee is able to create data management and recording software for use by the Research and Development team, as well … Continue

Susan Deihl Shea, Quality Assurance Assistant

As Quality Assurance Assistant , Susan is responsible for assisting the Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Manager in ensuring quality systems, procedures, and documentation are in compliance with applicable US and international standards and regulations.  She must work within the … Continue

AnnMarie Cooke, Recruitment Team Leader

As cyberDERM’s Recruitment Team Leader, AnnMarie is responsible for recruiting and scheduling panelists for upcoming studies based on their qualifications.  AnnMarie manages the Recruitment Team to recruit all study panels based upon the protocol inclusion and exclusion criteria. AnnMarie is also a … Continue

Loretta Pratt MD, Cooperating Dermatologist

Loretta Pratt MD is available as a cooperating dermatologist when needed.

Leon M. Mielcarek, Jr., MD, PC, FACS, Cooperating Ophthalmologist

Leon M. Mielcarek, Jr., MD, PC, FACS is available as a cooperating ophthalmologist when needed.