Cortex Technology Instruments

The DermaLab USB single parameter units present a breakdown of the most popular parameters in our DermaLab Combo series into individual modules – based on the same technology and using the same probes.

The DermaLab Combo is a highly accredited skin analysis powerhouse, which delivers all the parameters you need in one elegant instrument for true skin analysis. This unit can be freely configured with the following parameters: Skin high res. ultrasound, TEWL, elasticity, hydration, sebum, skin melanin and erythema, skin pH, temperature as well as a skin video scope.

The Colorimeter DSM-4 is based on the newest technology and provides you with accurate skin optimized measurements for perceived color, pigmentation, erythema, and gloss simultaneously and at the same location.

The DermaScan features realtime scanning, high resolution and software for advanced skin ultrasound image analysis.

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