Cortex Technology DermaLab Combo System

The DermaLab Combo 4 has been revised with a new exclusive and functional design, completely upgraded software, and new advanced features.

The DermaLab Combo 4 is a highly accredited skin analysis powerhouse, which delivers all the parameters you need in one elegant instrument for true skin analysis.

In the DermaLab Combo, Cortex Technology has concentrated all of their knowledge in one flexible concept, with the goal to be able to offer all parameters in one instrument. The result is an instrument, which for the first time offers high frequency ultrasound for instant skin assessment in combination with more traditional skin parameters such as elasticity, hydration, sebum, TEWL etc.

The DermaLab Combo is well suited for scientific skin analysis, is ideal for product testing, as well as research work. Operation of the instrument is highly intuitive, fully touch-screen controlled, and the gathered data may easily be exported for further processing.

Simply customize your DermaLab Combo for the desired application by adding as few or as many probes as needed:

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