Cortex Technology Dermascan C System

Dermascan C USB high frequency ultrasound scanners provide
state-of-the-art performance in high resolution skin imaging with a resolution down to 30 micrometer in tissue. All configurations are built to provide optimal reliability and meet the latest international standards and safety requirements for such equipment.
2D scanners are available in an ultra compact USB configuration for use with our lightweight ultrasound probes. 

Probes may be configured with different transducers depending on the application:
-For general purpose skin scanning, a 20 MHz transducer providing a 60 by 150 micron resolution with 14 mm penetration is recommended. 
-For deeper scanning, a 20 MHz probe with 60 by 200 micron resolution and 23 mm penetration is also available.
-For ultimate resolution and image definition, a 50 MHz broadband option provides a 30 by 60 micron resolution and 3 mm penetration.

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